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Mun contact.
I frequent livejournal, messengers, and Plurk on a regular basis.

If you ever need to get a hold of me for whatever reason, please locate me in one of the following areas,

aim: AbyssmalSanity
msn/hotmail: ask. i don't give this out as much, only to a few close friends.
plurk: (please mention who you are/why you're adding me there, even if it's just a 'hey, i want to chat with you!'. i try to keep it clean so i don't have a million plurks when i wake up every morning or am off working.)

DW contact.
i always check my dreamwidth messages. so if there is ever a tag that gets lost, or notifications are down for any reason, let me know what i need to get to. note there are cases when i will threaddrop because there is nothing i can possibly respond with IC. i apologize if this ever upsets anyone.

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[ fuck.

fuck it was cold. people could think all they want about mansions and nobles in them, all warm and cozy in winter. nope. not in the slightest. Elliot's chambers were freezing. ass. cold. not to mention, the raging blizzard just outside the large windows in his room was clearly visible through the slit of the curtains; more than once the Nightray thought the wind would just blow a crack in the glass.

shivering softly, as he perched on top of his bed, Elliot tried to just sit and read. that had been his plan all along; shoo Leo away to the servant's quarters and get some quality reading time in.

apparently that wasn't going to happen though because he couldn't even fathom another moment spent in this cold room, trying to read of all things. ugh, maybe he should just snag another blanket from his closet and prepare for the long, cold night ahead. ]


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